Preparing for your Telehealth Appointment

Getting started

Before you start your call, please keep your surroundings in mind - your doctor may ask you to reschedule if you are in a distracting or unsafe environment. 

Checking your connection

Make sure you are connected to a strong wifi network to reduce the chances of being disconnected during your call. We recommend using our app if you are using a mobile device. If you do experience technical issues, please try a different browser or device.

How do I join my appointment?

Once you schedule your appointment you’ll receive a link and access code via email. You’ll be able to navigate to your appointment at either or at the scheduled time.

What if I didn’t receive a confirmation email?

We’ve got you! Reach out to our customer experience team for assistance here. (make hyperlink when added to HC) 

What if I’m late for my appointment?

Due to a high volume of patients and increasing wait times, it is extremely important to be on time for your scheduled appointment. If you are late, your doctor may ask you to reschedule your appointment. 

Can I cancel or reschedule my appointment? 

Absolutely. If you are unable to make your appointment or need to cancel, please navigate to either the calendar invite or the confirmation email. From there, you have the option to ‘cancel’ or ‘reschedule’ the visit - just click on the option you prefer. If your doctor’s availability is full, please send a message in your secure messaging portal so we can help you connect with a provider who is available.

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