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  • are the medications you prescribe safe?

    Physicians are permitted to prescribe a medication at other dosages as off-label use when they determine it is medically appropriate. It is important that you answer all questions truthfully and completely, and review the treatment plan and any potential side effects before you start taking the medication. If you have any additional questions, ... continue reading

  • what is off-label drug use?

    When a doctor prescribes medication for off-label use, this means that the physician is prescribing a drug in a way that is different than what is in the FDA approved labeling for the drug. When the FDA approves a drug, the approved labeling specifies, among other things, the diseases or conditions for which the drug has been approved by the FD... continue reading

  • can i use an outside prescription?

    Right now, the Hims & Hers platforms are not set up to accept outside prescriptions. This means that even if your primary care provider has already written a prescription for you, we will still need you to complete a medical assessment when you place your order.  continue reading

  • will insurance cover prescriptions for hims & hers?

    At this time we do not accept insurance, health savings accounts (HSA), health reimbursement accounts (HRA), or flexible spending accounts (FSA). HSA, HRA, and FSA each have specific requirements for reimbursement. We recommend consulting with a qualified accountant or tax professional to determine your eligibility for reimbursement. Hims & ... continue reading

my prescription

  • Finasteride for Hair Loss - Deep Dive

    What causes hair loss? Male pattern baldness, or androgenic alopecia, is the most common form of hair loss and it is typically an inherited condition. As the condition progresses the natural hair growth cycle begins to weaken and your hair follicles begin to shrink causing your hair to become shorter and finer. The exact cause for this type of h... continue reading

  • how do i renew my prescription?

    If a follow-up visit link has been emailed to already, click the link in your email, in most cases you would need to wait for your provider to respond to continue. If you have received an email with a link for your follow-up visit... Click the link in your email to complete this process. Keep in mind that a follow-up visit is a good time to req... continue reading

  • What is the "Action Item" in my account?

    An "Action Item" is a task that you would need to complete in order to proceed with any pending medications or prescriptions that you have previously tried or are trying to recieve. Head over to the Hims or Hers website and log into your account. Hims account: once logged in, click on the menu icon at the top right corner of the page (three ... continue reading

  • can i increase my dosage?

    You can request to increase the dosage of your medication at any time, such as during a renewal visit, but only for certain treatments. Keep in mind as well that any potential change to your prescription is at the discretion of your medical provider based on your health information. To make this request, please let the provider know via the secu... continue reading

  • how can i transfer my prescription?

    How can I transfer my prescription to a local pharmacy? While we have chosen to work with specific pharmacies to offer our products at low prices and make the process convenient for our customers, we understand that you may want to receive your treatments elsewhere. If you have an active subscription with us for a prescription treatment, we can... continue reading

  • can i get a copy of my prescription?

    While we don't provide a physical copy of your prescription, if you would like to have your prescription sent to a different pharmacy we can definitely help! You can also request a copy of your medical records which includes a screenshot of any prescription you've received on this platform - however, this screenshot cannot be used to receive fil... continue reading

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physician information

  • Provider credentials

    Last Updated: July 17, 2023   Provider Name License State License Number NPI Specialty Aaron Murfin, APRN California 95019932 1821646092 NP-Adult Gerontology   Kentucky 3016675       Louisiana 224848       Nevada TEMP855565       Ohio 024678       Oregon 202208496NP-PP       Texas 1074710       Washington N361314159       Wi... continue reading

  • medical complaint information

      CALIFORNIA NOTICE TO CONSUMERSMedical doctors are licensed and regulated by the Medical Board of California(800) Complaints may be filed online at or submitted in hard copy form.  A Consumer Complaint Form, including instructions for completing it may be found at http://www.mb... continue reading

  • Are your clinicians licensed?

    Yes, all of our providers are licensed to practice medicine in the United States and are board-licensed in various areas of specialty such as family medicine, urology, OB/GYN, and more!  Our nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants are also all licensed or certified in the states in which they provide patient care. You can find a list of t... continue reading